Click Fork is an online Farmer’s Market purchasing and selling local farms products in order to make local food more accessible to you, local “eaters”, via several drop-off locations in Sudbury, North Bay, Lavigne, Cache Bay and Sturgeon Falls. The drop off dates and locations will be available at checkout and you will have the option to choose your location at that point. Deliveries are bi-weekly from June through December and monthly from January to May.

To work together with other local farmers to sell and distribute regionally grown, ecologically produced foods to customers in North Eastern Ontario.

To make regionally produced foods convenient and accessible to residents in North Eastern Ontario, while connecting eaters with the stories and relationships to where their food comes from.

We value that our interaction with the land and its people is a shared responsibility for today and for future generations.
We commit to actions and practices that will either minimize negative long term impacts on the earth, and/ or have regenerative, improving impacts in the long term, whenever possible.
We aim to produce nutrient dense, GMO free and ecologically produced foods.
To provide quality foods through great customer services.
To build lasting long term relationships between the partners.