Composting Program

One of the ways we are doing our best to work towards a sustainable future!

Along with using minimal packaging by asking our customers to invest in reusable containers for their order, incorporating reusable containers in our prepared foods and biodegradable packaging/bags when necessary, we are excited to say that we also now have a complimentary composting program available to our customers!

Many of you may already have your own backyard composters but for those of you who don’t have the time/option this is a win-win opportunity! There’s no need to sign up for anything, all that we ask is that you purchase the bio-degradable bags that we have carefully selected for their clean ingredients to go into our compost. Here are some more details, if you’ve read this far…you’ll probably read the rest 😉

“We’re super excited to launch our new Composting Program! Customers who purchased a membership and/or a Kitchen Investment will be getting a FREE 10L compost bucket and some compost bags to get them started at their next pick up and/or home delivery (except for North Bay home deliveries, please read below)!

Didn’t buy a membership and/or invest in our kitchen program? It’s not too late! You can find all the info for both programs here: 

Don’t want to do either of those but you still want to participate? No problem! Order a compost bucket and/or composting bags. *The bags are mandatory to ensure the proper material is going into our compost, we have specifically selected this company for the clean ingredients going into their bags.

Here’s how it works: 

  • When you come to pick up your order, bring your compost bags to us and we will take them back to the farm and make good use of them! 
  • Sudbury/West Nip and French River home deliveries: we can take your compost bags when we drop off your orders too. 🙂 North Bay and area *home delivery only: because we are currently using a third party business to do these deliveries we will unfortunately not be able to pick up your compost because they do not see us after they do the deliveries. If you have any ideas for us on how we could do it, we’re all ears! 😉
  • You can feel good to know that your kitchen scraps are going to be of good use and will eventually become natural fertilizer for our farm. Please, only organic materials should go into these bags (produce scraps, meat trimmings/bones, coffee grinds/tea bags are ok too but no paper products).