Frozen prepared lasagna (fully cooked) with your favorite local ingredients. Simply thaw, reheat and enjoy!


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Ingredients: Click Fork Spaghetti Sauce (see below for ingredients), Toffanello’s Pasta (Poschaven Organic UBW Flour, eggs, water, Thronloe Grass-fed Mozzarella.

Spaghetti Sauce Ingredients: Ingredients: Field Good pure tomatoe sauce, Dalew beef breakfast sausage, Ugly Barn Farms mushrooms, Field Good swiss chard, Gerber onions & sweet corn,dairy-free pesto pucks(Field Good Basil, natural almonds, Kipling Ridge pure pork lard, Boreal garlic, organic lemon juice, pure himalayan salt, black pepper) , Boreal minced garlic, Field Good Parsley Pink Himalayan salt, pepper.


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