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Chaga chai is made with cinnamon sticks, ginger, chaga, cardamom. A spicy full flavored tea. Best brewed in a French press. 150g Paper Bag

House Blend – spearmint, lemon balm, sweet fern. A nice calming sweet herbal tea.  50g Paper Bag

Rosehip Hawthorne – spearmint, lemon balm, sweet fern, rosehips & hawthorn berries. Very fruity in nature with a sweet herbal undertone. 100g Paper Bag
Lavender Vitality – lavender, nettles, raspberry leaves, rose petals. A robust tea especially designed for woman. 100g Paper Bag

They are loose teas that require a tea ball or French press to brew.

Please contact us if you would like to order different size formats and/or flavors and we can add it to our next order!


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1 review for Board’s Northern Nectars Loose Leaf Teas

  1. Chantal Lewington

    Best Chai Tea I’ve ever had! I love Chai tea but this one is THE BOMB! 🙂

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