Organic Kombucha/Jun


Jun, the champagne of Kombucha is made from fermented, organic Green Tea and raw local honey. It is rich in both probiotics as well as prebiotics so you are actually colonizing and feeding those new strains of probiotics at the same time. Jun is great for digestion, heartburn and weight loss. It’s a wonderful source of electrolytes, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Very Berry has a slight dark berry and cherry undertone, kids love it!

Ginger and cinnamon Jun has a lovely cinnamon flavor and is wonderful for digestion.

Original Jun is for those of you who don’t want to mess with perfection.

Available in single 375ml or  6 packs.

Sold By: Just Shut up and try it Ferments

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Very Berry Ingredients: spring water, green tea, Posch honey, blueberries, blackberries, cherries, Jun culture. All organic. “Because sometimes, life is boring”

Ginger/Cinnamon Ingredients: spring water, green tea, Posch honey, cinnamon, ginger, Jun culture. All organic. “Because I always wanted to be a Spice Girl”

Original Ingredients: spring water, green tea, Posch honey, Jun culture. All organic.“I drink it because I’m smarter than you”




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