Grass-Finished Beef – Bacon!


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Approximately 280 Grams

Vacuum-packed and frozen to maintain freshness. Please cook this product with care: Dalew Farms has taken some time and made some trial runs and done lots of sampling to get this right as it’s not as forgiving as pork bacon. This is made from the “brisket” of a cow and requires different cooking than pork. The best way they have found to cook it is as follows:

1-Preaheat oven at 325 degrees ferenheit
2-Line baking sheet with foil and plaster some of Kipling Ridge Farms’ lard on it (or your preferred cooking oil)…the added oil ensures that the meat will not dry out quickly as this is much leaner than pork.
3-Place your strips in one single layer on the cookie sheet and pop it in the oven for approx 20 minutes depending on your preference you can leave it a little longer to make crispy bacon bits for salads, etc…

Ingredients: Beef, water, salt, organic cane sugar, sodium lactate, spices, garlic, phosphate, sodium erythobate, sodium nitrate, natural smoke.


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