Bison Du Nord | Grass-Fed Bison – 10 LBS Sample Box

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10 Lbs.

A variety of delicious 100% grass-fed bison cuts including:

  • ground meat
  • stir fry meat
  • stew meat
  • sausages
  • short rib steak
  • sirloin tip steak
  • jerky

All packages(except the jerky) are wrapped with brown butcher paper to cut down on the use of plastics and frozen to maintain freshness.

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1 review for Bison Du Nord | Grass-Fed Bison – 10 LBS Sample Box

  1. Patricia Young

    Highly recommended! I’ve purchased the 5 lbs of ground bison and the 10 lb sampler box. Both purchases were so worth the price, as the meat is delicious, lean and clean and each animal lived a good life. First off, no mass production here – you are purchasing from a local grower, so you know you will not run into any “recall” due to e-coli or other pathogens, while you are helping the grower sustain their lives as well. You can see what your animals are eating, and they are not treated with any hormones or antibiotics; it’s all good for them and yourself. Bison is native to the Americas; if you’ve never had it you will be pleasantly surprised to learn it has a mild taste, not ‘wild’ at all – it tastes and cooks much like cow without the excessive fat, and is easily substituted for any meat recipe you have. Give it a go!

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