Grass-Fed, Organic British Style Double 50% Cream


450 mL

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Ingredients: Grass-Fed Organic Cream (Pasteurized, NotHomogenized).

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There is nothing more decadently satisfying and versatile than Double Cream poured over fruit or puddings or whipped and incorporated into dishes. Our Double “liquid gold” Cream is particularly British in style as we use Jersey Cow Milk. This beta carotene rich milk with a golden color is 20% higher in calcium and richer in micronutrients. Jersey cows produce A2 βcasein protein milk which some find easier to digest. We do not homogenize our cream as several studies have claimed that nonhomogenized milk/cream does not contribute toarteriosclerosis. We bottle this exclusive line of products in recyclable glass to avoid the risk of endocrine disruptors leaching from bottles made of PET (plastic). “This 48% Double Cream is the “secret ingredient” which will bring out the British chef in you”.


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