Grass-Fed, Organic Quark Cheese Skim 0.6 %


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Product Information: Our Quark is the only Certified Grass Fed and Organic Quark in Ontario. Quark is a high protein traditional German cheese similar to cottage cheese however without a salting process and a higher protein level than cottage cheese. Our Quark is made from Jersey
Cow milk which is 20% higher in calcium and richer in micronutrients; minerals and vitamins (the golden hue of Jersey milk is due to it’s
high beta carotene levels). Jersey cows produce A2 protein milk which some find easier to digest. Traditionally eaten for breakfast or as a nutritious snack with berries, seeds and nuts. Blended with flax oil and ground flax seeds it is the basis of the Budwig Diet. It is also used in baking particularly in German style cheesecakes, strudels and pancakes. (15 grams of protein per 125g serving)



“The Quark that makes you happy and healthy”.



Ingredients: Pasteurized Grass-Fed Organic Skim Milk, Bacterial Culture.


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