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How we make it:

The milk from our cows goes right from the barn to the yogurt house (this is what we call our little processing plant).

At Saugeen Country Dairy we make yogurt from cow’s milk, bacterial culture, and nothing else.

Commercial dairies nowadays often manufacture yogurt with milk ingredients, i.e. whey protein concentrate, skim milk powder, stabilizers and gelatin. Yogurt made from whole milk straight from the cow is the best. The shorter the list of ingredients the more natural and better-tasting your food will be.

We do not homogenize the milk. This is a process that changes the lipids to prevent the milk from separating. Cream rises to the top in milk that is not homogenized. Non-homogenized milk products are easier to digest. Because we do not homogenize the milk there is often a thin layer of cream on the top of the yogurt.

We are a small company and we prefer to focus on just a few products, rather than having a whole line of yogurts. We cannot make low-fat yogurt, because we would have to add extra skim milk powder. Plain yogurt is a very versatile product. You can add the fruit or cereal of your choice or add the right amount of sugar.

“When you buy this yogurt you help us care for the land and our animals in a responsible way.”

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Non-homogenized whole milk, Live cultures (with l. acidophilus and bifidus)

Quick Facts:

The Yogurt Culture Ingredients and Probiotic Count

Strains in our yogurt:

  • Streptococcus thermophilus

  • Bifidobacterium lactis

  • Lactobacillus jonsonii

  • Lactobacillus delbruecki subsp. Bulgaricus

Probiotic Count:

Only Acidophilus(=Lactobacillus Johnsonii) Bifidus bacteria are considered probiotic under the labelling guidelines. The number of live bacteria goes down during the shelf life as the ongoing fermentation makes the product sourer. Bacteria are very sensitive to a low pH environment.

Number of live probiotic organisms per gram:

Day 7    16 million

Day 21  14 million

Day 35  13 million

Day 1 of shelf life is 45 days prior to the best before date on the lid.

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