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*Available only for a limited time! Olivia and Emma have some new hens whom have just started to lay! These are their first eggs! These are also free range and fed a GMO-Free, Drug-Free diet like our other hens.

What are Pullet Eggs?
Pullet eggs are the very first eggs that you get from young hens as they are just coming into their laying cycle at around 18 weeks of age. You’ll notice that they are smaller than the eggs you are used to seeing in the supermarkets- but they are so delicious.

What Makes Pullet Eggs Special?
One of the things that make these such a niche product is that they are only around for a limited amount of time. We only get them for a few weeks at the start of a flock.

Other than the fact that they are around for a limited time only, the yolks are big, brightly coloured and have a unique richness to them. They also hold their shape amazingly well in the pan, sitting like little mountains. They are perfect for poaching or frying.


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