Buckwheat Honey (Unpasteurized)


Sold By: Sucrerie Seguin Sugarbush/CreekBend Farm

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Raw Unpasteurized Buckwheat Honey in a Glass jar, please select a size.

Buckwheat honey is very much loved by bees in months of August. Its nectar is collected from tiny buckwheat flowers. For most, word “buckwheat” resembles with flour substitute, however buckwheat is neither a grain nor grass, it is related to rhubarb plant. Honey bees truly love the astringent aroma of buckwheat flowers. Raw buckwheat honey is dark honey and is very rich in antioxidants, minerals and iron.

The Great Elders of Baltic tribes used to say “the darker the honey the healthier it is”! No wonder, 21st century scientists agree with this traditional remedial theory.

If you are into bold, robust and distinctive taste then buckwheat honey is perfect for you. Not only you will experience the honey healing effects but you will feel the reminiscent of molasses and malty tones. Buckwheat honey is monofloral honey meaning it is collected by honey bees mostly from one source of honey flower. It may also be described as heavy bodied, caramel-like or butterscotch-like. Dark honey has rich and dense taste.

It is not possible to mistaken this honey for other types of honey, because it has pronounced aroma. Slightly astringent aroma resembling a smell of vintage oak.

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