Whole Lamb Freezer Order DEPOSIT – Ready late Fall 2021


Raised on pasture, fed 100% on grass only, GMO and antibiotic-free.

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Sold By: Pasture Hill Farm
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Please add this item to your cart to reserve one of our Grass-Fed, Grass-Finished whole lamb freezer orders which will be ready late Fall 2021. The $200 charge is a deposit only. The price is $8.99/lb for the hanging weight and we expect the lambs to be between 35-60 lbs each (hanging weight-this means you lose a bit of weight once it is all cut up depending on how you customize your order). This price includes the cost of butchering and cut & wrap. Your $200 deposit will be subtracted from your total cost once your order is ready, the balance owing will be due on delivery. You can choose how you would like your cuts; we will email you a sheet with options closer to butchering time and you can contact us for help if you need assistance filling it out.


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