Pastured Pork – Pure Lard KUNEKUNE


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Ingredient: KUNEKUNE Pork Fat!

There is a misconception that only Leaf Lard is good for baking however this is simply not the case and in fact, if you are looking for a bit more pig punch, Pure Lard is your best bet. Fear not, you would still achieve that famous lard flakiness that everyone talks about. And don’t forget, Pure Lard is able to withstand medium to high heat and makes for great frying/sauteing.

Why not fry some delicious Herbert Fisheries fillets with lard!? Yum yum!

Kunekune (pronounced cooney cooney) are a medium-sized breed of grazing pig. They are able to thrive in a pasture-based setting with minimal grain inputs. At one point, they were almost extinct, but due to efforts by some very dedicated breeders, the breed is making a comeback, much to the delight of small family farmers, and their customers! The meat is luxurious, deep red and marbled like a fine steak. It is fattier than traditional breeds, but that is considered an asset given the impact on flavour, and the soft, delicious lard they have that is excellent for baking, the cuts are also slightly smaller than regular pork

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