Dalew Farms Pasture Raised Pork-Half or Whole Freezer Order DEPOSIT (Customizable)


Add this item to your cart to pay a deposit for a HALF OR WHOLE PIG Custom Freezer Order. We will contact you to finalize the timing of your booking and for cutting instructions.

This deposit is required now and the balance remaining will be due on delivery based on the weight of your order.
The price per lb (hanging weight) is currently at $5.99/lb and cut & wrap is included. If you would like to have additional processing such as smoking, patties, and/or sausages, additional fees will apply.

Hanging weights can vary between 80-110 lbs per HALF pig. If you are trying to calculate the cost: here is an example: $5.99/lb x 100 lbs (example)= $599 – $250 deposit= $349 due on delivery *(this is an example only). Multiply this example by 2 for a WHOLE.

We will email you an order form closer to the butcher date to customize your order.

Our price includes cut & wrap and hanging weight means before the animal is cut up so if you choose to have lots of ground pork and boneless cuts made and don’t take your bones or organ meat you will get less actual weight delivered to you. There is also up to approximately 30% loss from the hanging weight (curing the meat and trimming).

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