Frozen Basil Pesto!!!!

These pucks are perfect for popping into a pasta sauce, soup, stir fry, etc.. for extra flavor!

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Delicious Special Pesto Pucks (dairy and non dairy) and Jars

Made with mainly local ingredients and lots of love !!!

1$ deposit included in the pesto jars, return the jar to get $1 off your next order 🙂

Ingredients: Field Good Farms Basil, natural almonds, Kipling Ridge Farms pure pork lard, Thornloe Grass-Fed Mozzarella Cheese (not in the dairy-free pucks), Boreal Berry Farm garlic, organic lemon juice, pure himalayan salt, black pepper, Sucrerie Seguin Honey. For best results, use frozen pesto within 8 months.

Because they are made with local lard rather than olive oil, the consistency is more solid than oily.

the jars are approximately 125 grams and the pucks are approximately 65 grams

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