Swedish Meat Balls| *Gluten & Keto friendly


Have you ever tried Swedish meatballs? These are served in a creamy white sauce and pair beautifully with Muskoka Lakes honey-sweetened cranberry sauce and a side of mashed potatoes. Or enjoy it on its own for a keto-friendly meatball.

Gluten Friendly, Keto friendly

Containers contain 1 pound of meatballs with sauce and serve 3-4.

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Ingredients: Dalew Farms ground pork & Beef, Gerber Onions, organic almond flour, pink Himalayan salt, pepper, dijon mustard, xanthan gum.

Item is Precooked, simply defrost and reheat at 350 for 15
min until internal temp of 165 degrees.

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3-4 Serving Tray (Meatballs Only), Single Serve Meal w/ mashed potato and beans


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