100% Pure Worm Castings (Eisenia Fetida)

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A portion of all proceeds of the Ormuir Organics castings go towards local food-security and programs that protect/restore our natural environment!

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Product Volumes 2L & 4L

Worm castings are considered one of the most effective soil amendments currently known, with benefits ranging from improving soil aeration, concentrating soil nutrients (Nitrogen, Potassium, Phosphorus, Calcium) into bioavailable forms, improving seed germination and seedling growth, containing important plant hormones and beneficial enzymes, as well as, increasing the soils water-holding capacity. Ormuir Organics worm castings are produced from a select diversified feedstock to provide a wide nutrient profile for your plants. Directions: For best results combine for a 10:1 or 10:2 ratio with soil mix; Alternatively, use as top dressing.


Ormuir Organics supports community food-security initiatives through a built-in profit-sharing incentive.

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