Organic Seed – Weaver’s Mennonite Stuffing Pepper


These delicious and amazing plants produce ample amounts of stuffing and snacking peppers. A great addition to the veggie tray or a bbq.
Can be eaten green or red.

Heat loving plants must be started indoors in the north. Start 8-10 weeks before last frost. Plant in a warm location with ample sun. Yields are improved with soil covers and row covers to increase heat.

Package contains 25+ seeds

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Regionally Adapted Certified Organic Seeds

Grown In the North. For the North

We believe that every person who wants to have a garden in Northern Ontario, should be able to have one. And having seed that can grow in the region is the foundation to any good garden. Focusing on short season, and regionally adapted seeds. we are working to acclimatize varieties to work better here, adapt to our changing climate by being able to withstand variable weather patterns.

All our seeds are open pollinated, non-GMO. Most come from heritage varieties passed down from generations of farmers.


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