Ormuir Organics ‘Black Gold’ Compost – Worm Castings (Unsifted)


A portion of all proceeds of the Ormuir Organics castings go towards local food-security and programs that protect/restore our natural environment!

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Ormuir (Or-Me-Yer) Organics

Ormuir Organics ‘Black Gold’ Worm Castings (Unsifted)

Worm Castings are considered one of the most effective soil amendments, with benefits ranging from:

  • Improved soil aeration
  • Concentrates soil nutrients (Nitrogen, Potassium, Phosphorus, Calcium) into bioavailable forms
  • Improves seed germination and seedling growth
  • Contains important plant hormones and beneficial enzymes
  • Increases the soils water-holding capacity

Use in gardens, indoor/outdoor potted plants, lawn amendment. 

Ormuir Organics worm castings are produced from a select and diversified feedstock to provide a wide nutrient profile for your plants.

Directions: Combine for a 10:1 or 10:2 ratio with soil/Compost mix; Alternatively, use as top dressing, or add to seed starting mix.

Our compost is unsifted to preserve the biology within.

At times, this may lead to having woody debris, and other small materials within it. Those items are just home and food for the beneficial organisms and perfect for your soil.

Due to our waste diversion efforts, at times, pieces of plastic or packaging may be found ; Please remove and discard appropriately.

Our packaging is unconventional; We believe in reducing our environmental impacts by up-cycling existing packaging and giving them a new life. Return your package for us to use it again.

Ormuir Organics is a social-enterprise that supports community food-security initiatives through a built-in profit-sharing incentive.

For more information, or share your experiences with us by visiting: www.ormuirorganics.ca 



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