Worm Compost Tea-Small


Ready to Brew Worm Compost tea Soil booster. Excellent for house plants, vegetable seedlings or foliar feeding any  garden plants. Contains 4 composable tea bags.

Individually packaged for small batch watering. Each tea bag will make between  1 litre – 5 litres depending on your brewing choice. Instructions are included.

Worm casting tea is found to enhance the beneficial microflora and suppress harmful pathogenic microbes. Due to richness in nutrient availability and microbial activity, vermicomposts increase soil fertility, enhance plant growth and suppress the population of plant pathogens and pests.

Kailas Flower Farm has maintained a healthy worm farm for numerous years and has moved to watering all the flower starts with our own worm casting tea.

An excellent choice for the organic more natural type of Grower / Gardener

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