Avalon Orchards

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Avalon Orchards is an organic u-pick apple orchard located in Innisfil, Ontario. We have been pioneers in the growing of naturally disease resistant varieties of apples such as Nova Scotia Spy, Liberty, Freedom, Redfree, Prima and Nova Scotia Macintosh appropriate for the organic growing. These varieties are naturally immune to apple scab and other diseases making it easier for us to grow organically.

The orchard is located in a beautiful rural setting with spectacular views of the countryside and woodlands. We are open to the public each year to give people the opportunity to pick and eat an apple right off the tree. You are also welcome to wander through the orchard and explore our woodland trails to see the beaver in the creek and the great blue herons standing stilt-legged at the pond.

With the initial goal of establishing a sustainable organic operation, we planted our first 700 trees in 1988, and now have 10,000 trees at various stages of production. Both our apple growing and cider pressing process have been certified organic for several years with Pro-Cert.

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