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Beans Deep Coffee is located in North Bay, Ontario and was launched in 2018. It's run by Paul Kilfoyl alongside his wife Stephanie, their children Rya and Evin.

We make coffee in a way that has never been made before. The best short way to label it, Artisan Smoked Mircoroastery You can t Google that.
Artisan. Why? The entire process is literally done by hand. There is no automation here.
Smoked. So this is the part where we stand apart. We use smoke from wood fibres from hardwood trees, that is it. We don t use fossil fuel or electricity to heat our beans. There are no chemicals in the fibres or added flavours. Our process has been considered Carbon Neutral and nobody else can even come close to that.
Microroastery. Simply put, small operation roasting. Along with this comes intention and quality. All the beans have been harvested and traded fairly and are organic. We use the best beans.
We invite you to be a part of the experience for we found the best way to make coffee.

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