Beautiful Field Farm

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Specializing in hardy fruit trees for Northern Ontario climates.

Our History/Story:

Formerly Lewis Hardy Fruit Trees, and originally founded by Ron Lewis in 1982.

Ron was frustrated with trees being offered for sale at most garden centres and nurseries. He made it his mission to seek out trees that would thrive in our climate. He has a proven record of success locally since that time.

In 2019 Ron officially retired and the business has been run by Phil Beauchamp since that time.

I have been planting and growing one of every tree provided by Ron since 2006. I have learned a great deal over the years. Through trial and failure.

Our Mission:

We stand by our commitment to provide only the hardiest and most reliable fruit trees for Northern Ontario.

We select varieties with proven track records for hardiness as well as high-quality fruit.

We also plant and experiment with everything we sell in our own orchard/ food forest.

We continue to educate ourselves to the fullest extent possible to continue to be a valuable resource to the community.

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