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Value-added, highly nutritious local food products!

Beyond Vitality was created in 2010 by Sara Ouellette Subero and Stephan Subero as an online holistic health portal with a focus on Earth-based wellness for healing the mind, body, and spirit. Sara is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner (CNP) and Life Coach. Stephan is a Permaculturist and Singer/Songwriter. Beyond Vitality was previously located in The Commonwealth of Dominica as an off grid eco education/volunteer retreat center. Due to unforeseen circumstances caused by hurricane Maria in 2017, the family along, with their business, was forced to relocate to Canada and is currently transitioning locations. This collaboration creates a perfect opportunity to make use of Beyond Vitality’s holistic nutrition and traditional food preparation skills (fermentation, soaking, bone broth, etc) and solidify a base for operations. Beyond Vitality empowers families to build their vitality and create healing by educating them through holistic and sustainable wellness practices which include: food as medicine, nature connection, movement, sleep hygiene, mindfulness & meditation as well as permaculture & regenerative farming.

Many families feel overwhelmed and frustrated by the health care system, and confused by the array of supplements to choose from. And many are expensive. My greatest passion in life is to inspire women to build their vitality and create healing for their families. I believe it’s our birthright to have access to the health we deserve at a price we can live with.
My supplement store, which you’ll find access to below, is my partnership with Fullscript, the high-quality online professional supplement dispensary that I use for my holistic and functional nutrition practice – and that has allowed me to bring these high quality products to you.
Register for Beyond Vitality Dispensary here:
Here’s how it works: When you purchase supplements through Beyond Vitality Dispensary, you’ll receive 10% off of your entire purchase with delivery right to your door - fast!

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Showing all 5 results