Bison du Nord

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For Pierre Bélanger, our founder and owner, the adventure started in 1972, with a novel idea for the time: why not turn rugged Ontario farmland into a bison farm? Buying the first few bison was relatively easy compared to all that needed to be accomplished over the next several decades. Today’s strong and healthy herd of 300 animals is a testament to Pierre’s vision and business acumen. We're proud to say that we are among the oldest in Canada, and the largest in Eastern Canada. And we’re just getting started!

From one generation to the next, we’re passionate about what we do and we love to talk bison! Raising a family of three on the farm not only made for great stories - it also inspired the kids to get involved. Now working side by side, Pierre and his son Charles make an unstoppable pair. Both are committed to the well-being of bison and share a love of nature, hard work and adventure.

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