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The Smith family has a rich farming legacy spanning 10 generations, with the past 116 years being dedicated to our farm in Vineland, Ontario. In 1908, we acquired the property, including the house built in 1873. Presently, Cherrylane Farm encompasses 400 acres of cherries, peaches, and pears, expertly managed by Jen Smith, the 10th-generation farmer.

Jen Smith, who was born on the farm, continues the family's farming tradition as the current farmer on the property. Jen has been running the farm for over 30 years, having worked alongside her father until she took over upon his retirement. Cherrylane Farm is proud to be a family-run operation, led by an all-women team.

Throughout its history, Cherrylane has focused on cultivating cherries, peaches, and pears. Specifically, we specialize in Montmorency cherries, which are known for their tart flavor. Additionally, we process cherries by removing the pits and packaging them in pails for various purposes such as pie fillings, yogurts, jams, and more. In the past two decades, our research has led us to create cherry juice concentrate, as cherries have been proven to have significant health benefits.

Click Fork + Candice's Kitchen will be tray-freezing their cherries in their licensed kitchen to make them available to you soon so please check for them HERE.

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