Ferme Familiale FG Family Farm

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The Ferme familiale FG Family Farm allows us to share our vision with the Nipissing community for an ecological and sustainable agriculture. We pride ourselves in growing vegetables using strictly all natural products and methods. To do so, we follow the approach of a world leader in small-scale organic vegetable production, Jean-Martin Fortier. From crop rotations to weed control and harvesting methods, everything we do is done with a great deal of respect for Mother Nature.

Since we are also meat lovers, we raise poultry with as much care as we grow produce. Again, the small-scale approach allows us to treat our chickens and turkeys in a way that makes the whole difference for them and for those who enjoy their meat and eggs. Living on a farm also makes a huge difference for us as a family with 3 young children. Not only Gabriel, Antoine and Lilia get to learn as they help around the farm, they experience how our food can be produced locally and naturally for the best interest of our community and for generations to come. We hope you share that vision too.

-Myriam & Mathieu Grégoire


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