Hugh's Homestead

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Hugh's Homestead is owned and operated by husband and wife partners Chris Tapp and Natalie Hurteau.

We are first generation farmers raising a variety of meats on our small scale farm.

All of our chickens, hogs and cattle are pasture raised through summer. Our beef and baby beef (red veal) cattle are grass-fed and spend all summer on pasture. Then they are supplemented with hay in the winter months. All of our calves are raised in groups to encourage socialization and to learn from each other as they grow. At 2 to 3 months of age, they join the rest of the herd where they are closely watched over by our guardian donkey, Cameron.

Our farm practices involve sustainable and regenerative farming. This way everything is done while respecting our land and with our animals’ best interests in mind. Each different species is tended to with multiple daily checks to ensure each and every member of the farm is happy, healthy and well. We utilize their natural abilities to help us sustain a healthy regenerative farm. Cattle benefit soil health and hogs help eliminate bad weed growth while uprooting the soil.

With this dream of sustainability, it's easy for us to see that Hugh, our family cow, could play a critical role not only in feeding our family, but also in feeding hogs! Once she calves in the spring, she will be milked daily and, with more milk than we can handle, it's important to us that it doesn't go to waste. However, Hugh isn't the only cow on our homestead with an important role to play; Yoko is our F1 Wagyu Heifer. That opens up the possibility for F1 and F2 Wagyu beef availability in the years to come.

We look forward to serving our neighbors on our journey to harvesting local farm fresh food.

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