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Kipling Ridge Farms is located in Verner, Ontario and was launched in 2015. It is run by James and Josee Morin, along with their 4 kids, Brandon, Justin, Ryan and Alexa.

We are a true, family-run farm focused on Regenerative Agriculture. What does that mean? Everything we do revolves around using ecological practices and principles.

We raise a variety of livestock for sale directly to customers in North Eastern Ontario. We have implemented a pasture-based, multi-species rotational grazing system due to our fundamental belief in the principles of regenerative agriculture. We supplement with hay (in winter) and all animals are offered a proprietary blend of NON-GMO grains as needed.

Our cattle and hogs, the majority of which are born on our farm, spend their entire lives on our pastures and in our forest (including winter), with shelters available at all times. We do not operate a feedlot or CAFO style of farm!! We only raise our meat chickens during the summer and fall to ensure they have daily access to new, fresh grass (and bugs!!). We believe this allows all of our animals to express their natural behaviours - healthy, happy animals makes for healthy, happy meat!

We currently have Dexter and Black Angus cattle, Large Black Hogs, Kune Kune Pigs, a variety of layer hens and we raise our meat chickens under the Artisanal Chicken Program.

All of our feed is sourced locally, most of it directly from other farmers we personally know. Our livestock is processed in two local, provincially inspected plants, allowing us to have well-established, personal relationships with our butchers.

Questions? Reach out at any time, and we welcome visitors for tours and on-farm purchase of our meats.

Contact us directly regarding freezer orders at:

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