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Ormuir Organics was founded by a father, biologist, conservation-activist, and surfer of snow and cold-waters. Our core values reflect an understanding of the urgent need for a shift in our relationship with the Earth. We appreciate the fragility of the web of life, and the ecological impacts our activities have on it.
Our mission is simple; divert organic waste from landfills and create a quality soil amendment.We are a grassroots vermicomposting operation; our purpose is rooted in social/environmental activism. We are settler-allies to our Indigenous kin
As part of Ormuir Organics social/ecological mandate, we pledge a portion of all proceeds to go directly towards supporting local food-security initiatives, and programs that promote the preservation and restoration of our natural environment.
Ormuir Organics is settler-ally owned, and is dedicated to reconciliation as guided by meaningful collaboration with our Indigenous kin, and by the Truth and Reconciliation Commissions Calls-to-Action. Located on the traditional and ancestral aki of the Atikmeksheng Anishinaawbek miinwaa Wahnipitae First Nation in N'Swakamok, as well as, Kagawong, Mnidoo Mnising, amongst the aki of the unceded territories of the Wiikwemkoong First Nation. Active members in the Robinson-Huron Treaty and ally to the decolonial and land-protection movements.--

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