Three Forks Farms

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Working hard, having fun and growing good food. That is what we do.
Focusing on producing nourishing certified organic foods that we sell to our lovely customers throughout the North East. We grow over 20 different types of vegetables for retail and wholesale markets, pasture raised chickens during the summer and over 50 of vegetable and flower seeds for your garden.

As a certified organic farm, we adhere to the internationally respected guidelines of production which work to ensure that growing food is beneficial for the people, and the planet. We are inspected annually by Ecocert Canada to ensure we are compliant with the regulations. This allows you the confidence that we practice what we preach, and you can trust the food that comes from our farm.

Our chicken is raised exclusively on pasture. For this reason, we do not grow chickens in the winter. We do four batches of chicken throughout the summer months. These are processed at a licensed processing facility and are inspected by both the Ministry of Food and Rural Affairs and The Chicken Farmers of Ontario. Our inspections ensure that our meat is safe but also that we have ethical animal husbandry practices, caring for our animals to make sure they have a great standard of living.

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