Beeswax Skin Cream – PROPOLIS


70 grams

Propolis is a resin-like material made by bees from the buds of poplar and cone-bearing trees. Propolis seems to help fight against bacteria, viruses, and fungi. It might also have anti-inflammatory effects and help skin heal.

100% natural skin cream. No synthetics. We developed a recipe that combines beeswax with olive oil, water and a small amount of borax that creates a simple and effective means to sooth dry skin, replenish valuable minerals and enzymes which also protects the skin from dehydration – resulting in soft feeling healthy skin.

Given that the cream is oil based it really needs heat to work best. Use a gentle massage with a small amount of cream and you will “bee surprised” to notice how much skin it will cover. Warm a small amount in your hands first then apply to places like your face, hair, arms, legs, feet – everywhere! We suggest its use for babies and children. We truly “bee-lieve” that you’ll enjoy its unique qualities and results.

Ingredients: Water, olive oil, beeswax, borax, essential oil

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