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The Gregorini family has owned and operated a fine dining restaurant and event centre in Sudbury, Ont. for the past 30 years. Known for their attention to detail and focus on high-quality food, the family utilizes recipes passed down from generations to realize their mission to deliver authentic Italian cuisine to a loyal following. Pasta has remained the heart of the restaurant menu since the businesses’ inception and making it available to the general public was an natural next step for the family.

Aniko Pasta Artigianale was born out of the local food movement, with a mission to produce and distribute artisanal pasta made with ingredients from Northern Ontario. Our aim is to support farmers and growers in the region, doing our part to strengthen the local food system, while keeping the pasta making tradition of our Italian ancestors alive.

We use Canadian non-GMO durum semolina flour, a high protein, pale yellow wheat that has been used since the Roman Empire to make pasta. As well, products are sourced as locally as possible, ensuring freshness and a high nutrient content.

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