Heirloom Buttercup Squash (Gerber Farms)


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Burgess heirloom buttercup squash. Organically-grown at Gerber Farms in Warren, ON


C. maxima. Burgess Buttercup squash seeds were first introduced by the Burgess Seed Company in Illinois in 1932. Since then, this reliable heirloom has been producing small, 1.5kg (3 lb) turban shaped fruits with dark green skins and the unmistakable navel or dome at the blossom end. The golden orange flesh inside each fruit is sweet and finely textured, never watery. The thin skins are extremely hard, but that is key for long term storage. These popular squashes won’t last right through winter the way a hubbard or delicata might, but you should bring one to Christmas dinner, and impress your friends and family.


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