Click Fork Kitchen Investment Program


Add this item to your cart if you wish to invest in our Kitchen Project and get paid back with local food! Please read full details below.

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Click Forks’ #1 Priority for 2021: create Kitchen space on-site (at Dalew Farms) in order to:

  • Process excess in-season produce and other local foods which helps
      1. YOU (to have more variety of local food available year-round)
      2. US (to help diversify our business)
      3. Our COMMUNITY (to create more jobs and increase food security)
      4. and last but certainly not least; FARMERS (for us to have the ability to purchase/make use of their excess and save it from going to waste)!

How it works:

  1. You add this item to your cart and pay us $500.
  2. We pay you back in food over 5 years by sending you a $110 gift card every year for 5 years, that’s right you get a bonus $50 over the 5 years!

Want to help but can’t afford such a big investment? Consider purchasing a Consumer Membership for $100 and get a 5% discount on your orders!


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