Ice Cream Sandwiches


Limited-time summer offering!

Satisfy your summer ice cream cravings with these delicious house-made ice cream sandwiches!

Featuring local and clean ingredients as always (see below).

Sold By: Click Fork Kitchen

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Buckwheat Ginger Snaps Ingredients (Gluten Friendly) Poschaven Farms Buckwheat flour** Cane sugar*, molasses, sunflower oil, egg, Ginger, baking soda, cinnamon, black pepper.

Oaxaca Coffee Ice Cream Ingredients: Cream, Pasture-Raised Eggs, Sucrerie Seguin Maple Syrup, Oaxaca Brewed Coffee, pure vanilla extract.

*certified organic **organically grown (uncertified)

Rye Chocolate Chip Ingredients: Poschaven Farms Rye Flour**, baking soda ,pink Himalayan salt, eggs**,butter, pure vanilla extract, cane sugar*, NON-GMO verified brown sugar, water, GMO free dark chocolate chips.

Maple Ice Cream Ingredients: Heavy Cream & Milk, Sucrerie Seguin Maple Syrup, pure vanilla extract, pink Himalayan salt.

*certified organic **organically grown (uncertified)


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