Kaila's Flower Farm

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Kaila's Flower Farm has become an integral part of my homestead lifestyle, where I have been passionately growing my own nourishing food and cultivating beautiful blooms for over 12 years.

The foundation of our cultivation practices lies in nourishing the soil and embracing the power of nature. To achieve this, I employ various resources from our homestead, including livestock. By composting the manure from horses and cattle, we provide essential nutrients to enrich the soil. Additionally, we utilize cover crops such as tillage radishes to promote soil aeration. In our growing areas, we incorporate free-range chickens to naturally control pests, and we deliberately cultivate patches of wild plants to attract predatory insects, reducing the need for chemical interventions. Through these sustainable methods, we strive to harmonize with the environment and foster a thriving ecosystem at our farm.

Through careful harvesting, conditioning, and continuous adaptation, we strive to ensure that our blooms bring joy to your space for as long as possible, while minimizing the use of chemical preservatives.

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